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Maybe you have seen my Radio Controlled Sky Surfer gliding over Pacific Beach.  I attach a small light weight camera below
the chassis to capture these incredible images.  I have a lot of fun and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for RC hobbies,
photography and animation.

Over the past year and a half I've captured thousands of images.   I usually clean up the pictures a bit toss out the worst of the
bunch and post the images sequentially.  It's like you are along for the ride.

I get a kick out of the animated images above,  It almost appears as if you are flying along.  Most RC aerial videos seem to
have a jerky fast moving blocky look,  It takes a skilled pilot and an expensive camera to get smooth impressive aerial video.  
Even my Aiptek 1.3mp Pencam pictures beat the resolution of the standard digital video.  The dynamic motion "Ken Burns"
effect makes the images look great.

It is a neat tool.

Please browse around, I enjoy reading your feedback

Jack Zabawa
Sky Surfer Pilot